Online Photo Viewing & Ordering



Once you've clicked the link below, you'll first enter your School ID  "Password", then the "Personal Keyword" found on your paper order form or on the card you were given at time of photography.

Note: Both are case sensitive and need the hyphen.



Click here!


Please note:

St. Joseph's C.S.S. graduates who had their photos taken on Thursday, February 15th, please add a 3 to the end of your password.

Brockville Collegiate Institute Grade 8 Graduates please add an 8 to the end of your password.


 For orders no longer available online:  CLICK HERE


2017-2018 Online Updates!


This year we've completely overhauled our on-line ordering system!  And judging from the percentage of orders being placed this way, we can call it a qualified SUCCESS!


All of our school partners, students and families province wide now have access to the convenience of ordering from their computers. At times the volume has caused some people to experience delays. However, overall, we are happy to report that the majority are having no issues.  If you're having any system delays, please simply try again a few minutes later. If the problem persists, feel free to give us a call and we can take your order over the old fashioned phone!


Also, as mentioned on your paper order form, it is possible that packages, prices and things yet unknown may be different on-line.


Please know that all prices and packages and anything else will be happily printed as ordered from the forms if ordered with the paper form, and also, anything ordered on-line will also be printed as per the on-line form.


Finally, We are working with our credit card, web hosting and eCommerce partners to reduce (hopefully eliminate) any additional costs for you!  In the meantime, please feel free to order via the traditional order form or call us for assistance if you'd like. 2017 UPDATE: We are pleased to announce that we've been able to LOWER the online convenience charge down to only 3%!  We're working hard to eliminate this all together for next year! thanks so much.


Keep Smiling, Canada!

Signed, Your Friends at PhotoVisions!

Fall Photo Backgrounds

2017-2018 Brings NEW Hollywood-style Green Screen style photography to your school!

Now, you can select your own background for your photo.  Don't worry  - there is plenty to choose from including all of the traditional choices.

If you're ordering online, use the link above with your Password and Personal Keyword.



Note: Most but not all schools have opted for Green Screen.