Who do we think we are?

Our team

Well here at PhotoVisions, we like to think of ourselves as a band of smile-inducing, camera toting, backdrop lugging, happy-go-lucky, early rising, early to bed, awe-inspiring brilliant specimens of photographic perfection... but we do have a touch of modesty!


Your tour of PhotoVisions begins at the front lines.  When you contact us you'll most likely be greeted by our Office Admin, Christel.  She's been happily directing traffic, sorting out schedules, sending out packages and booking appointments with us for many years.  


Photo of Kent Swirsky

Our photography unit is headed up by Senior Photographer Kent Swirsky. He's been known to put smiles on the faces of over 300 people in a SINGLE DAY! That's a lot.  


Easy to get along with, and an expert behind the lens, Kent is looking good for the Employee of the Month sometime soon.


All photos, yearbooks and agendas are produced right in our own King Street facility in Eastern Ontario.  Dale has been keeping all of the lights on in the many hi-tech pieces of equipment since we first met him back in the 90s!  The gear has changed, but Dale's commitment to the smooth running of all of our many electronic pieces certainly hasn't.


Photo of Mark Oliver

Buried deep in the corner of his office, you'll find our owner, founder and creator, Mark Oliver. He's usually on the phone chatting up one of his many friends at schools across the province.  When he's not hiding out in there, he's on the road making sure that everyone is totally happy and to check on any needs that can be attended to. Oh ya, little known fact: he has a real professional bakery mixer in the kitchen area, and if you like a nice loaf of crusty Italian bread - he's tops!


Photo of Curt

Of course there are several other long term dediciated PV Loyalists that we are very proud of. Drop by and you'll see Marlz, Virt, LPS, Uncle J, and many other super friendly photographers, technicians, packagers and general all-round great people.


If you're interested in joining our team, have a school full of students you want photographed, or need a yearbook (with software) solution - give us a call!



We look forward to hearing from you soon.



Team PV